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Trained by the faculty of Laguardia Performing Arts High School and The Ailey School in the heart of NYC, Samantha has performed as a member of Ailey II, freelanced with companies such as Nimbus Dance Works and Elisa Monte Dance Company, and most recently danced with Step One Dance Company on Holland America Cruise line, amongst many other unique engagements across the globe. She currently is a member of the ensemble with the Lion King Rafiki Tour and could not be more honored to be a part of it.


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Samantha takes pride in her passion for Fitness.  She began her journey as a an instructor five years ago expecting it to be only a convenient source of income.  Now, she has grown to have a deep love for fitness and how it can change people's lives.  Prior to being on the road, she was an instructor for ((305)) Fitness and a personal trainer in NYC.  She is still available for virtual training sessions and would love to help you acheive your goals.

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Samantha has found choreographing to be an outlet for creating that she hopes to continue to grow in.  She has choreographed for her own Raw Artist Showcase and continues to create her own concept dance videos.  Most recently, she choreographed for Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts for their final week of virtual performances and worked with the University of Santa Barbara through a virtual choreographic residency.  She is excited to see where choreographing can take her in the future.

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Thank you for visiting my page!  Stay connected with me by visiting any of the media provided below or filling out the form above.  My greatest wish is to spread light and joy through movement.  I hope I can help you discover your potential!

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